Hand Sanitizer



Now you can safely clean your hands by removing 99.99% of germs including virus and bacteria without having to worry about harsh chemicals. 

6 of our 8oz. Evert Fresh Hand Sanitizer bottles. 




If you’ve committed, as you should, to extending the life of your perishables with smartly made, ethylene absorbing bags, you don’t want to go handling the cherished snacks or produce with contaminated hands. Would you? Of course not. So try out our all-natural Hand Sanitizer™ today.
• Removes 99.99% of germs including virus and bacteria
• Made with proprietary organic produce oil
• Will not damage your clothes or other fabrics
• For use anywhere, at home or on the go
• Laboratory tested and proven
• Non-staining and non-corrosive
• 100% natural ingredient
• Biodegradable



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